Master Your LinkedIn Sales:

3 Secrets To Getting Clients On Demand Every Single Day

Leverage your marketing strategy to consistently attracting high-quality clients.

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Learn How To Market, Build & Scale Your Translation Business As a Solopreneur In 2022

Here’s what you will learn in this brand new Masterclass:

  • The 3 biggest mistakes translators & interpreters make that stop them growing their business
    Key mistakes to avoid in your marketing strategy to make it thrive over the long-term.
  • My proven outbound approach
    How to create and leverage your strategy to consistently getting clients on demand every single day through LinkedIn - How to turn cold prospects into paid clients.
  • My inbound lead generation approach
    How to become fully booked, t
    he most powerful formula for generating B2B leads, clients, & sales. The best way to get tons of your ideal clients to contact you wanting to work with you
  • How to rapidly become the go-to expert
    How to create a compelling marketing strategy that builds your authority and credibility in your field by sharing compelling content online
  • Making a mindset shift to become fully-booked
    How you see yourself and where you are will have a direct impact on how much you grow your business

This Masterclass is ideal for:

  • Starting-out translators, interpreters, language professionals, service-based solopreneurs who want to create their marketing strategy and establish themselves in the translation industry.
  • Advanced translators, interpreters, language professionals, service-based solopreneurs who would like to take the next step and leverage their strategy to get a steady flow of high-quality clients on a daily basis.
  • Boutique translation companies' owners who want to set up a system to attract high-quality customers and convert leads into paid clients on a daily basis.

Is that YOU? You won't want to miss this workshop if you are ready to start attracting high-quality clients who can afford your services!

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Anything is possible. If they can do it, you can too.

 If you want to learn everything I know and avoid the mistakes I made and you're serious about building a successful translation business reaching 5-figure months then this is the course for you. 

About the Trainer

Hi, I'm Virginia Katsimpiri, creator of the Fully Booked Translator Formula & the Ultimate LinkedIn Prospecting System the first comprehensive, results-oriented 12-week Group Coaching Program for Language Professionals. I am a Certified Translator for over 15 years and since 2014 I run my own business and have doubled or tripled my revenue every year. I have helped hundreds Freelance Translators worldwide to attract international clients and rapidly build their profitable business through my Mentoring Programs. Now I run two online businesses. I tried many different methods. By trial and error, I learned what works. I want to save you time by sharing with you the strategies that have led me to 5-figure months. 

Here is what my students say about my proven process

"This course is completely recommended because after doing it you can already start getting useful network connections. It is practical and full of useful advice."

- Ester Shechter, Virtual Assistant, Translator & Proofreader

"Are you finding it hard to engage with your prospective clients on LinkedIn? Then Virginias' "The Ultimate LinkedIn Prospecting System For Language Professionals" is the go-to source for you. You will learn to identify your ICA, optimise your LinkedIn profile according to your niche and prospective clients, search, find and engage with your ICA and, lastly, build your network and find and apply to the right jobs."

- Helen Kuckling, Translator & proofreader

"I would recommend this course to any fellow translator or language professional who wants to effectively use LinkedIn to do business (and not only to showcase their achievements or work experience), since this training helps you to explicitly identify your best and most desirable potential clients, clearly define and go through a marketing strategy, and not leave everything (i.e. your career) to chance."

- Francesco Saina, Interpreter & Translator

"This course is great for you if you want to find your perfect client online. Virginia really knows exactly what she is talking about and expresses herself clearly so it's easy to follow along. I also really liked that she was happy to celebrate the participants' first (small) successes!"

- Claudia Pollok, Translator

"I loved that the course was relatively short but very concise and practical. I appreciate the fact that Virginia shared her screen to teach about the search options and also discussed the process she applies when looking for and contacting the clients. There are many courses about LI, but Virginia's course is tailored specifically to translators and this is a great added value, because it focuses on their needs and perspective!"

- Sylwia Biczyk, Polish Business Translator

"This course will give you everything you need to get started and skyrocket your LinkedIn prospecting strategy in a ridiculously short time."

- Loredana Sbardellati, Freelance Interpreter & Marketing Translator 

"It gives you the means to revamp or build your professional LinkedIn profile and to understand how the portal works and how you can contact people and get visible to the world."

- Kornelia Berceo-Schneider, Professional translator

"Virginia knows very well what you want to get, as she is a translator as well, but she knows very well what your clients want to know from you. She doesn't give you the fish, she is teaching you to fish. I recommend signing up for this course."

- Alicia González López, IT/Marketing Spanish Translator

Are you ready to create a compelling LinkedIn Strategy that will get you a steady flow of high-quality translation leads?