Create a LinkedIn Content Strategy in 4 steps


You can now join the Ultimate LinkedIn Prospecting System 3-month mentoring program.


Learn my proven inbound lead generation approach and tools to automate the process though LinkedIn, the most powerful tool for generating B2B leads, clients, & sales.


  • How to stop struggling to think of new posts ideas. Generate 250 content ideas for your blog, articles and LinkedIn posts.
  • Key problems and how to solve them so as your LinkedIn content marketing strategy to thrive over the long-term.
  • How to use content to show people need you and grow your reach and engagement.
  • The structure of creating engaging content and landing it right in front of your target audience.
  • How to connect, follow-up, engage, and build relationships with your ideal clients.


  • Freelance translators, interpreters, language professionals and in general solopreneurs who want to get a steady flow of high-quality leads and clients from LinkedIn, month after month.
  • Equally applicable for first time LinkedIn users and starting out translators and those who have been in the business for some years and want to demystify the LinkedIn content marketing tools & hacks.


Hi, I'm Virginia Katsimpiri, creator of the Fully Booked Translator Formula and the Ultimate LinkedIn Prospecting System the first comprehensive, results-oriented Business Mentoring Programs for Language Professionals. I am a Certified Translator for over 13 years and since 2014 I run my own business and have doubled or tripled my revenue every year. I have helped hundreds Freelance Translators worldwide to attract international clients and rapidly build their profitable business through my Mentoring Programs. Now I run two online businesses. I tried many different methods. By trial and error, I learned what works. I want to save you time by sharing with you the strategies that have led me to 5-figure months. 

What led me to start mentoring translators?

  • I am a Certified Translator since 2007
  • I run my Translation Business since 2014
  • I got Certified as a Life Coach (Expert Level) in 2016
  • I got my MBA in client acquisition strategies for language professionals in 2019.
  • I currently study translators business performance on a PhD level.

If your language business would benefit from getting a steady flow of high-quality leads and clients from LinkedIn, month after month, then this course is for you.

"Virginia is for sure the best mentor I could ever had. Being always friendly and self-confident, fully-available, rich in details & very competent, she had led me to reach my goals! I am absolutely satisfied and I will continue regularly to follow her method. I felt really supported and encouraged to follow my ideal clients, and I have already gained some of them! Take action, do not wait!" - Ileana Cari (Translator, IT)

"Virginia knows very well what you want to get, as she is a translator as well, but she knows very well what your clients want to know from you. She doesn't give you the fish, she is teaching you to fish. Of course, the final results will depend on you, but I like people who make you go the extra mile, because otherwise you don't improve. And there's always room for improvement! I recommend signing up for this course, but first you need to be very sure of what you want." - Alicia González López (Translator, ES)

"I had tried a couple of things to improve my profile and posted things with a certain frequency. I didn't get many results though, and was starting to think that LinkedIn just wasn't working for my niche. However, Virginia has been able to give me some very good suggestions, we had a very creative 1:1 session and the group dynamic was brilliant to hold me accountable and stick to the weekly tasks. After implementing the things we were seeing in the ULPS I immediately started to get some results and have actually been able to find new clients with actual projects while the program was still going on. So I'd definitely recommend the ULPS." - Sarah Henter (Medical writer-translator, DE)

"During the ULPS, I discovered the value of having a mentor and weekly accountability - it's worth the investment. Doors will start to open for you as you are guided in a meaningful way by Virginia's amazing mentoring skills and in-depth knowledge of our industry. LinkedIn doesn't seem so scary any more, now, and I realised how useful a tool it will prove to be." - Luna Jungblut (Translaltor, FR)

"I had been looking for a comprehensive client acquisition program, more specifically using LinkedIn. I knew that I wanted to grow my business and that it was possible, but I felt like I lacked the tools and knowledge of specific prospecting methods. This is what Virginia and the ULPS offered. I entered the program with no clear path and left with a concrete strategy to follow. Thank you, Virginia!" - Deborah Lüdi Reidy (EN, US)